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Weight Loss

A fresh approach to achieving weight loss and maintaining it.

Losing stubborn fat solely through mindful eating and exercise can pose a challenge. Although adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial for achieving your desired weight, it may not always yield the desired results. If you're committed to shedding pounds and fitting into your favorite attire once more, exploring options like Semaglutide, commonly referred to as weight-loss shots, may be worth considering.

Rewind Beauty Bar is a premier destination for medically supervised weight loss.  Overseen by CEO and Clinical Director Eileen Livingston APRN, trained in the latest weight management therapies. With our  Semaglutide weight loss shots and one-on-one coaching, we can help you attain a svelte physique and lead a healthier, energized life.


Semaglutide is a peptide that functions as a crucial part of medically supervised weight management. This groundbreaking ingredient is proven to curb cravings and help users feel full which can help facilitate losing weight and keeping it off. GLP-1RA mimics a natural hormone that controls appetite and feelings of satiety. Injected once weekly from the comfort of home, Semaglutide assists with clinically significant, sustained weight loss.  manner possible.


Blood work is required to begin any of the three semaglutide treatment programs offered by Rewind Beauty Bar.  Relevant blood work from within the last 3 months can be used for no additional fee.

Most Blood work is free with insurance, please check with your provider!

Our Packages

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Are you looking for a semaglutide injection without the hassle of needles and multiple appointments? Look no further! Rewind Beauty Bar  offers an oral semaglutide option! This once-daily treatment consists of tablets or dissolving medication on the side of your cheek/mouth and has been proven to significantly reduce common side effects, such as nausea and stomach pain, experienced with injections.

Oral semaglutide treatment is $399 for tablets and $499 for dissolving tablets per month and includes a monthly office visit, lab work evaluation, and medication.




Take control of your weight-loss journey with Rewind Beauty Bar's at-home semaglutide treatment! After a virtual or in-person consultation, you can pick up the necessary medication and supplies from our office in downtown Fort Myers, or have them shipped to your home! To ensure you're getting the best care possible and to have your questions answered, we recommend visiting our office for any and all of your medication needs.

The cost for semaglutide self-injections is $399 per month.




Trust the professionals to administer your Semaglutide injections and enjoy specialized, one-on-one guidance throughout your weight-loss transformation with our weekly in-office injections. For $499 a month, we'll provide a comprehensive medical examination, a review and analysis of your bloodwork, and weekly injections administered on location by our providers. We'll even check up on your progress each week.



Prime candidates have tried losing weight the conventional way (think diet and exercise) but are struggling to shed pounds or maintain a consistent weight over time. Our weight-loss shots may be right for you if you are in good overall health, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and dedicated to embracing lifestyle habits that support your weight-loss goals. If you'd like to find out if you'd be a good candidate for Semaglutide, our weight loss expert at Rewind Beauty Bar can address that and answer any questions you have during a consultation.

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