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Current Specials

Brazilian Wax $55


Comes with a complementary Optional Vajacial

Valid Until 7/31/24

Butt Lift  $99


Lifts, tones, & rounds your bottom, decreases cellulite, safe, quick, & effective!

Free 1st wax


Conditions apply, contact us to book and for more details!


Botox  $13/unit

With each precise injection, wrinkles fade away, leaving behind a rejuvenated radiance that defies time itself. In this realm of beauty and refinement, Botox transforms into an exquisite art, bestowing upon you a timeless allure that captivates all who behold you.

Lip Flip  $120

Our master practitioner delicately administers Botox to your upper lip muscles, bestowing a graceful lip flip that captivates all.

Nasolabials  $650+

Imbuing volume and smoothing deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds, revealing timeless beauty.

Lip Lines  $650+

Our  practitioner injects filler to combat fine lines and wrinkles around lips, sculpting timeless beauty with grace.

Lip Filler  $750+

Lip filler enhances, plumps, and sculpts lips, bestowing a luscious lips.

Cheek Filler  $750

Cheek filler elevates and contours to sculpt radiance that mesmerizes.

Jaw Line Filler  $750

Jawline filler chisels and refines, contours and sculpts your natural beauty.

Under Eyes  $800+

Under-eye filler erases fatigue, bestowing a luminous, ageless gaze.

Full Liquid Facelift  $2200+

Full liquid facelift with filler orchestrates a symphony of rejuvenation, sculpting your natural beauty.

Body Toning

Toning & Tightening Facial  $250

A professional skincare solution meticulously designed to rejuvenate skin texture and reduce signs of aging. With each session, experience a revitalizing sensation, unveiling a radiant, age-defying glow.

Body Toning  $350

With gentle precision, this treatment stimulates your lymphatic system, releasing fat cells in areas like the abdomen, thighs, and arms. Experience a painless journey to a naturally slimmer, shapelier you!


Lip Wax  $15

Whisk away unwanted hair from the upper lip. 

Brows Wax  $20

​Carefully sculpted to complement your unique face shape and style, ensuring a flawless, elegant frame.

Bikini Wax  $50

​With precise bikini line hair removal, ensuring flawless results for every swimwear moment. 

Brazilian Wax  $75

​Hair removal from front to back. Impeccable grooming awaits, ensuring a minimum of ten days' regrowth for flawless results.

*Up-charge for cheeks.*

1/2 legs Wax  $45

​Offering two options: knees up or knees down. With care and attention, unveil silky smooth legs.

Full legs Wax  $55

Sweep away hair from thighs to ankles. Revel in silky smooth perfection.

Underarm Wax  $35

Ensure extreme smoothness. Indulge in flawless underarms, awaiting a minimum of ten days' regrowth for the ultimate pampering and refinement.

Arm Wax  $40

Flawless smoothness from shoulder to wrist. Embrace the luxury of bare arms.

Back Wax $75+

​Rid your shoulders and back of unwanted hair


 Jet Plasma  $375

Jet Plasma is a revolutionary treatment utilized to firm the skin, reduce wrinkles, tackle hyperpigmentation, address acne and scarring, as well as minimize stretch marks. Additionally, it enhances product absorption without the need for needle injections, achieving results previously unattainable.

Mini Facial  $75

Short on time? Need a quick pick-me-up during your lunch break? Mini facials are catered to your skin's requirements. Including cleansing, exfoliation, masking, toning, moisturizing, SPF, and you're ready to go!

Teen Facial  $100

Teen facials are made to adolescent skin changes, targeting breakouts. Ages 12-18. Includes consultation, double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, optional extractions, customized mask, serums, facial massage, moisturizer, eye cream, and SPF for nourishment and protection.

Back Facial  $100

Back facials provide a comfortable extraction experience, starting with a gentle steaming to open pores and remove impurities, followed by thorough cleansing and exfoliation. Our session concludes with a rejuvenating mask, complemented by a soothing neck, back, and shoulder massage for ultimate relaxation.

Deluxe Facial  $125

Our deluxe facial with a thorough skin consultation followed by a double cleanse, gentle steam, and exfoliation to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells. If necessary, extractions are performed for further purification. Then, relax with a customized face mask and replenishing serums to deeply nourish and revitalize your complexion. Enjoy a soothing facial massage to enhance circulation and relaxation. Finally, seal in hydration and protection with moisturizer, eye cream, and SPF.

Dermaplaning Facial  $175

Experience a facial with thorough skin analysis, double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions, mask, serums, massage, moisturizer, eye cream, and SPF. Plus, enjoy dermaplaning for gentle exfoliation and removal of peach fuzz, leaving your skin smoother and enhancing product absorption.

Hydro Facial  $299

A hydrofacial stands out as a top-tier, non-invasive skin rejuvenation method. It seamlessly integrates cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant defense, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities while infusing the skin with hydrating serums.

24K Facial  $249

Indulge in a lavish anti-aging procedure designed to uplift and tighten the skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Our skilled aestheticians at Rewind Beauty Bar delicately massage layers of 24-karat gold leaf into your skin, promoting regeneration, hydration, and nourishment for a luxurious radiant finish.

Chemical Peel  $120+

Chemical peel targets specific skin concerns, offering tailored solutions for various needs. With a focus on illumination, it works to brighten the complexion, restoring a radiant glow. By addressing fine lines and wrinkles, it smoothens the skin's texture, promoting a more youthful appearance. Moreover, it effectively diminishes acne and acne scars, promoting clearer, healthier skin. This comprehensive approach ensures that each individual's skin concerns are addressed, resulting in a revitalized and refreshed complexion.


Jelly Mask  $25

Jellymasks primarily consist of highly purified alginate, containing a higher concentration than standard rubber masks. This unique formulation results in a jelly-like texture, delivering intense hydration and immediate cooling and soothing benefits. Additionally, they form a velvety, vacuum-like seal on the skin, leaving it silky soft.

LED Therapy  $15 - $30 

Bathe your skin in the hues of LED light, each tailored to lavish your complexion with targeted benefits. 

Dermaplaning  $50

With dermaplaning, unveiling a radiant complexion by gently exfoliating dead skin and removing "peach fuzz," ensuring deep product absorption and leaving a velvety-smooth finish.


Brow Lamination  $130

Feel pampered and dolled up with eyebrow lamination, sculpting fuller and fluffier brows from your natural hair. With precise brow mapping, achieve flawlessly even arches for flawless symmetry.

Lash Lift  $130

We provide luxurious lash lifts, enhancing and curling your natural lashes for a semi-permanent transformation. Experience lasting beauty for 4-6 weeks.

Tint  $30

Semi-permanent lash and eyebrow tinting, enhancing and defining your natural beauty with rich, lasting color. Lasting 4-6 weeks of captivating radiance.


Blow Dry  $49+

Hair washed, dried, and styled to look smooth, full, and stylish. You can pick a style , like straight or curly, and  our expert stylist will do the rest, using products and tools to make your hair look great. The best way to get a professional hairstyle that lasts for days!

Flat Iron/ Curled  $20+


Manicure  $40+

Our manicure includes all the basic steps of a standard manicure but with additional touches. This involves delicate nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care treatments, exfoliation, and a hand massage with application of Gel or Gel X polish. 

Pedicure  $65+

Including soaking the feet in warm water with added essential oils or bath salts to soften the skin and relax the muscles. Our pedicurist will trim and shape the nails, gently push back the cuticles, and remove any calluses or rough skin with a scrub. A hydrating mask or moisturizing treatment is applied to nourish and replenish the skin, followed by a relaxing foot massage to promote circulation and reduce tension. 

The service is completed with a choice of Gel or Gel X application, leaving the toenails looking polished and pristine.

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